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...on the hot Zagreb asphalt we drove Tomos E-90 and east german smoke producers, MZ-s. A few years later , the two stroke legends were replaced by those from far east. 




 depsi i biljkaTHUMB

 We established the club in 1993. under the name "N.U.B.G.Z" meaning; "Independent good-for-nothing Association of City of Zagreb". On the left shoulder of our leather jackets we wore black-yellow patches with club colors. Not long after , we changed the name to HOLLISTER MC. We decided on that name because it was the beginning of 1% scene.In 1996. we started wearing colors on our back which consist of fire lents and a shield with the cross of honor and a motorcycle with two crossed roads in the middle. The crest was created by Paulo , Stg. At Arms at the time, on the proposal of other members. That year we organized the first party in our clubhouse. About 150 motorcycles came , we called it "THE WILD ONE WEEKEND" and the police remembers it to this day!
 Next year and every year since the W.O.W. is held in a little village called Orešje not far from Zagreb.In 1999. we established a hangaround chapter in Ivanic Grad which is today HOLLISTER MC MOSLAVINA. Everything after that is too recent to be considered history.
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